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 Human Name:: Alexia Monters|| New Name: αleх{αɴdrια } joɴeѕ

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PostSubject: Human Name:: Alexia Monters|| New Name: αleх{αɴdrια } joɴeѕ   Thu Oct 18, 2012 1:19 am

Full Name:
"Alexandria Stefani Jones, luckily not my old name... Ugh, that scar has faded."
"Alex, AJ, Whatever you want to call me!"
"Haha I'm sixteen.... YEAH! I want a car... And to pass the drivers test once before blowing something up... And being trusted enough to actually take a drivers test... You know, now that I'm thinking about it, probably not a good idea.
Marked or Not Marked:
"Marked and glad. I really don't care if I die during the change. I'm out of the living hell also known as my old life."
"Nope... You know, a boyfriend might be kinda cool."
"Um, no offence, I love kids, but HELL NO."
Fledgling or Vampire:
What Year are you?:
"Fourth Former."
Story of how you were marked:
"Uh, well, I was in my living room, in a fight with my mom, whenever I finally screamed one last time and ran up to my bedroom. I opened my one, filthy window and blinked back tears- Only to look down and see a tracker pointing straight at me. My mom found I was marked and sent me off far from our California home to the Lansing House of Night."
Vampire Mentor:
"Uh, No... Not yet."
Vampyre Sociology, Fencing, speels and rituals, drama.
Are you in the Dark Daughters/Sons?:
"No. Though I prefer 'Not Yet.'"
Cat that has Chosen You:

"Safura, a cat that came to me off the street. I don't think there has every been a more stubborn cat."
"Spunky, CRAZY, humorous, sharp-tongued and witty. But all my craziness just kind of masks how jumbled up and sad I am deep inside... Nobody really understands. I get very closed whenever people bring up my past. I really just want to forget about it entirely."
"Oh. That. My parents are full out drunkards, my mom is a drug addict and my dad sells them to her. I grew up in so much pier pressure, though I never destroyed myself like them. Please don't make me go on."
"I am a girl with dark hair and crazy blue eyes."
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PostSubject: Re: Human Name:: Alexia Monters|| New Name: αleх{αɴdrια } joɴeѕ   Thu Oct 18, 2012 2:26 am

That was beautiful :,)
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Human Name:: Alexia Monters|| New Name: αleх{αɴdrια } joɴeѕ
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